• Dipl. -Ing. Christian Heilmaier, Business Development Manager SatCom, Office Munich
    Dipl. -Ing. Christian Heilmaier
  • Thomas Polder, Sales Engineer Heilbronn
    Thomas Polder
  • Globes is part of Milexia Group
  • Dr. Florian Pivit, Sales Manager
    Dr. Florian Pivit
  • Anja Oliwka, Sales- Marketing Assistance
    Anja Oliwka
  • 25 years of Globes Elektronik GmbH & Co KG
  • Agency agreement with Trimble, Cordon Electronics
  • Agency agreement with SemiGen
  • Agency agreement with FILTRONIC, MENLO and MiCable
    Relocation of Emisens GmbH to the office of Globes.
  • Cooperation with Transtech Technologies, Paris (www.transtechnologies.com) with french partners and Link Microtek. Admittance of Transtech into LYNX Group
    Maria Vladovich
  • Expansion of L3 Narda MITEQ’s agency agreement with Miteq products
  • Agency agreement with L3 Randtron -->
    Klaus Breitsameter
    Christian Habermann
  • Major contract for the XFEL project in Hamburg.
  • Agency agreement with HOLZWORTH, BEREX and SEQUID
    Carmen Schetter
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
    Wilhelm H. Dobeslaw
  • Agency agreement with MAG and SSI
    Beginning of the cooperation with MiCable
    Angelika Brosi
  • Agency agreement with OPTO MST
    Major Contract for Maritime applications
    Interest of Link Microtek Ltd, England (www.linkmicrotek.com) in the Emisens GmbH.
    Jürgen Häfner
  • Interest in the Emisens GmbH (www.emisens.com), which develops liquid scanners based on high frequency technology.
  • Agency agreement with L3 Electron Devices and HXI
  • Relocation of Munich’s office from Starnberg into the current business premises.
    Agency agreement with RF Morecome
    Relocation of Hamburg’s office into new premises (same street) in a business partnership with Germania Elektronik.
  • Relocation of Heilbronn’s office in the nowadays business premises.
    Agency agreement with WENZEL, SiversIMA and SOUTHWEST Microwave.
    Start of the cooperation with China.
    Jakob Gabriel
  • More than 150 million USD sales in the mobile communications industry.
  • Start of the cooperation with HBH Microwave.
    Spin-off company Germania Elektronik
  • Agency agreement with POLE ZERO
  • Agency agreement with SIERRA Microwave
    Founding of the LYNX Group (www.lynxcomponents.com)
  • Dipl.-Ing.
    Thomas Schulz
    Monika Hänisch
  • Agency agreement with MICROTECH
  • Agency agreement with CIBRED SUD
    Annemarie Ray
  • Start of the cooperation with FERRITE Microwave and MEGA
  • Agency agreement with MICRO LAMBDA and NARDA Miteq
  • The initial letters of the founders‘ names generate the word "GLOBES". Small office on the Allee in Heilbronn and „home offices“ in Hamburg and Munich-Forstenried.
    Rüdiger Evers
    Ulrich Blievernicht
    Doris Ohrnberger