GLOBES Elektronik is a German based sales and distribution company in the field of high frequency, microwave and RF electronic technologies. The headquarters are located in Heilbronn (near Stuttgart) and sales offices are in Norderstedt (next to Hamburg) and Germering (close by München/Munich).

GLOBES represents major domestic and foreign suppliers from the USA, Far East, Europe, and Israel to sell their RF, microwave, and electronic components as well as super-components, subsystems, systems and instruments into Germany. Austria and Switzerland, but also some other, mainly (East-) European, countries. GLOBES is set up to act as a representative, distributor and value added reseller.

GLOBES Elektronik was founded 1995. The partners (all actively working in the company) and employees represent more than two hundred years of experience in that specialized field of high frequency, microwave and communication. The long relations to the partners, technically and commercially are excellent, as well as the deep knowledge about all products.

This represents a very strong knowledge of the applications and the markets. The sales engineers are used to work with the technologies of thin- and thickfilm, LTCC, GaAs, GaN, SiC, SMD, surface mount, lumped element, MIC, MMiC, Stripline, microstrip, airline, suspended substrates, coaxial, and waveguide as well as combinations thereof and any higher level of integration. Frequency ranges are between some MHz and beyond 100 GHz.

With proven success and experience the markets of communication, automotive, research, medical, military and satellite applications have been supported, following the special requirements and needs of each segment.

In addition to the daily business of selling standard products, large OEM contracts, long term commercial and military programs can be handled as well as the distribution of RF- and microwave components including buffer stock and logistics agreements. The complete import and export procedures are well organized.

This, combined with the strong expertise in commercial matters assures that the principals interests are kept in the best way. GLOBES' target is to act as the principal's partner and extended arm of the manufacturer in the territory as well as our customer’s advocate.


GLOBES Elektronik GmbH & Co KG
Berliner Platz 12, 74072 Heilbronn
Postfach 1850, 74008 Heilbronn
Phone: +49 7131 7810 - 0
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GLOBES Elektronik GmbH & Co KG
Streiflacher Strasse 7, 82110 Germering
Postfach 1533, 82102 Germering
Phone: +49 89 894606 0
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GLOBES Elektronik GmbH & Co KG
Gutenbergring 41, 22848 Norderstedt
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